Sunday, July 31, 2011

Music Set | July 30/31

Here's the music set from July 30/31 at Constance Free Church //
All songs can be downloaded from the iTunes Music Store

The Time Has Come | Hillsong United | The I Heart Revolution album
- - - - -
How To Worship A King | Gateway Worship | God Be Praised album
We'll Make It Loud | Gateway Worship | Wake Up The World album
My Reward | Kristian Stanfill | Mountains Move album
- - - - -
The Story of Your Life | Matthew West | The Story of Your Life album

After an unusual week of battling Shingles, Scott Campbell stepped in to lead worship for all of The Current venues at CFC this weekend.  We concluded our series Life Apps with a challenging message from Sean McDowell on Servanthood.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Music Set | July 23/24

Here's the music set for July 23/24 at Constance Free Church //
All songs can be downloaded from the iTunes Music Store

On Our Side | Chris Tomlin | Arriving album
How To Worship A King | Gateway Worship | God Be Praised album
You Never Let Go | Matt Redman | Passion: Everything Glorious album
- - - - -
The One Who Holds My Hope | watchword:truth | All Together album
- - - - -
Arms That Hold The Universe | Fee | Hope Rising album

When I heard that our teaching theme in the Life Apps series was "Encouragement," my mind instantly went to songs and creative elements that would illustrate how we encourage one another in our human relationships.  After our weekly creative meeting with our teaching pastor, I learned that Andy DeFelice would be approaching the theme from a different perspective and helping us to understand that we ultimately receive the most meaningful encouragement from God.

These songs were chosen because they speak of the hope, refuge, strength, and encouragement that we can receive from God.

Don't forget that you can now watch the entirety of our worship services online ANY time by logging on to  It's a great new addition to our online ministry and we hope you'll help spread the word!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Return From Hiatus

I genuinely have no idea how many faithful readers I have, but in case you're one of them - I'm BACK.  You'll notice from my previous posts that our son came home just over two months ago and in that time, I've purposed to spend as much time with my family as possible.  While I love blogging from time to time, I decided to take a break from it and now that we've firmly established the "new normal," I feel like I've got the margin to jump back in and return to the blogosphere.

Here's a quick recap of highlights from life and ministry since my last post:

1.  Tate is doing remarkably well.  We feel like we might be somewhat spoiled.  He's eaten and slept very well since the day he arrived home and for the most part, he is an exceptionally happy little boy.  We've been very intentional about attachment and feel like Tate is bonding with us very well.  He's exceptionally inquisitive, all boy (rambunctious and loud), prefers walking over crawling (as of last week), love love LOVES water (bath, beach, toilet - you name it, he's a fan), LOVES music (and dancing to it), enjoys bike rides with Daddy, giggling with Mommy, giving kisses, and is understanding lots of English after only two months.  So as you can tell, we've stayed exceptionally busy and are thoroughly enjoying life as a new family.

2.  I joined the Music Department at Northwestern College as an adjunct faculty member in their new Music Ministry Degree program.  I'm really excited about this new opportunity to coach and mentor student worship bands one night a week after Tate's gone to bed!  

3.  Angie and I have both returned to work.  I was off for approximately 6 weeks and Angie just returned to her full schedule (working Mondays and Thursdays) last week.  I watch Tate on Mondays (one of my days off) while Angie works and on Thursdays, he spends the day with our dear friends, the Bobendriers, who have three adopted children - two that were born in Ethiopia (who were a huge influence in our decision to choose Ethiopian adoption).  Tate loves other children and seems to really enjoy spending time at the Bobendrier's house, in the church nursery, and with other families on "play dates."

4.  I've been writing lots of Christmas music (which has been a unique challenge in a summer of record-breaking heat and humidity).  Our band, watchword:truth, will be recording these songs in the coming months in preparation for an October or November album release - just in time for Christmas 2011!  I'll be posting middle:brained updates about this project along the way, so check back frequently for the latest scoop!

There's even more, but those are the things that have occupied the majority of my time in recent months. I'll be posting again soon ... I promise!