Sunday, March 27, 2011

Music Set | March 26/27

Here's the worship set from March 26/27 at Constance Free Church //
All songs can be downloaded from the iTunes Music Store

We'll Make It Loud | Gateway Worship | Wake Up The World album
- - - - -
God On High | watchword:truth | All Together album
Everlasting God | Lincoln Brewster | Let The Praises Ring album
Revelation Song | Kari Jobe/Gateway Worship | Living For You album
- - - - -
Beautiful The Blood | Fee | Hope Rising album
- - - - -
Only A God Like You (new version) | watchword:truth | n/a

We used our entire vocal team which added a tremendous amount of energy this weekend as we closed off our series, "Know Your God."  It was an exciting day as we continued to proclaim songs about God's attributes.  We experienced communion together and took a very special offering which (after being doubled during FoodShare month) raised more than $16,000 for the North Anoka County Emergency Food Shelf.  

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Music Set | March 19/20

Here's the music set from March 19/20 at Constance Free Church //
All songs can be downloaded from the iTunes Music Store

Majestic | Lincoln Brewster | All To You - Live album
- - - - -
How To Worship A King | Gateway Worship | God Be Praised album
God Is Alive | Fee | Hope Rising album
Savior | New Life Worship | Counting On God album
- - - - -
The Saving One | Starfield | The Saving One album
Greatness Of Our God | One Sonic Society | One album

All month long, we've been singing songs that talk about the attributes and character of God.  We've been talking about what it means to KNOW God and are learning who He is by the things He tells about Himself.  AW Tozer said that what you think about God is the most important thing about you, so we're trying to increase our understanding of God in order to extol Him more.

I was particularly emotional this week during the song Savior.  It's certainly not what I would describe as a progressive song but it's solid and it declares some great truths about God.  I lost composure during my favorite part of the song - behold the One who holds me in His hands ... the God who comes and turns my mourning into dance ... I get this beautiful picture in my mind of a gigantic God who's incredibly compassionate and it moves me deeply.  After that moment, I was just a wreck and had a hard time re-composing myself.  But hey ... that's what worship is all about right?

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Music Set | March 12/13

Here's the music set from March 12/13 at Constance Free Church //
All songs can be downloaded from the iTunes Music Store

I'm Singing | Kari Jobe | Self-Titled album
- - - - -
Eternal One | Robbie Seay Band | Give Yourself Away album
Only A God Like You | Tommy Walker | Never Gonna Stop album
All Because of Jesus | Fee | We Shine album
- - - - -
You Are For Me | Gateway Worship (Kari Jobe) | God Be Praised album
Mighty To Save | Hillsong | Mighty To Save EP
- - - - -
Cannons | Phil Wickham | Cannons album

All month long we're on a journey to know God better, more deeply, more intimately - and not just what WE think of God, but (even more importantly) what God Himself teaches us about who HE is.  Today we sang songs with many references to God's character and His attributes.

We closed this weekend's services with a unique and powerful video/music element of SM Lockridge's classic "That's My King!" message combined with Phil Wickham's Cannons.  It was a momentum-building and energizing way to bring closure to a great message from Pastor Sean McDowell!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Music Set | March 6/7

Here's the music set from March 6/7 at Constance Free Church //
All songs can be downloaded from the iTunes Music Store

How To Worship A King | Gateway Worship | God Be Praised album
- - - - -
Only A God Like You | Tommy Walker | Never Gonna Stop album
Savior | New Life Worship | Counting On God album
Our God | Chris Tomlin | Passion: Awakening album
- - - - -
Forever Reign | One Sonic Society | One album
- - - - -
More Than Amazing | Lincoln Brewster | Real Life album

We started a new series this weekend called "Know Your God" which will focus on the attributes of God. All month long, we'll be singing songs that speak to God's character and which allow us proclaim all of the things that make Him who He is.  I even chose to grab a golden oldie out of the vault this weekend - it's been 6 or 7 years since the last time we sang Only A God Like You but we created a new, modernized version of it and had a great time rocking out to some "classic" Tommy Walker.  I've always loved that song anyway.  :-)