Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Music Set | December 17/18

Here's the music set from December 17/18 at Constance Free Church //
All songs can be downloaded from the iTunes Music Store
You can also watch full-length worship services online (new services are added each Wednesday)!

Resounding Joy | watchword:truth | The Manger Of Our Maker album

Worship Set 1
Mighty To Save (Christmas version) | Hillsong (alt lyrics by Dan Leverence) | Mighty To Save EP
Glory To God Forever (Christmas version) | Fee (alt lyrics by Dan Leverence) | Hope Rising album
The Manger Of Our Maker | watchword:truth | The Manger Of Our Maker album

Worship Set 2
Adoration (Christmas version) | Brenton Brown (alt lyrics by Dan Leverence/Joel Bowers) | Adoration album
O Come All Ye Faithful | Third Day | Christmas Offerings album

So God had plans that were evidently different than mine for this weekend. After attending our Saturday afternoon venue (Unplugged), I went home feeling "strange." That strange feeling escalated into all out flu and I spent most of the overnight hours prostrate on my bathroom floor so I didn't have to stray too far away from the porcelain receptacle that kindly accepted my "gifts." 

Around 5:00 am, I managed to get myself upright, in some clothes, and drove myself to church. But after throwing up again in the restroom at church, I decided an alternate plan was in order. Thank heavens for my amazing team! Scott was able to step in and did a great job leading worship with nearly no prep time. It's taken me a few days to get over the flu, but thankfully I'm feeling better in time for the big weekend ahead!

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