Sunday, November 29, 2009

Music Set | November 28/29

Here's the music set from November 28/29 at Constance Free Church:

Let God Arise | Chris Tomlin | See The Morning album
- - - - -
Awesome Is The Lord Most High | Chris Tomlin | Passion: Everything Glorious album
Eternal One | Robbie Seay Band | Give Yourself Away album
Hosanna | Starfield | I Will Go album
- - - - -
Revelation Song | Gateway Worship | Living For You album

Angie and I were on our annual ThanksChristmas trip to spend the holidays with our family in Michigan so Scott Campbell and the team led worship this weekend.  Shawn Sauve taught on the theme of loving our enemies and Scott chose some of our church's favorite songs of worship. 

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Music Set | November 21/22

Here's the music set from November 21/22 at Constance Free Church:

Sing Sing Sing | Chris Tomlin | Hello Love album
- - - - -
Happy Day | Tim Hughes | Holding Nothing Back album
Today Is The Day | Lincoln Brewster | Today Is The Day album
All I See | Stretch & Red | n/a
I'm Singing | Kari Jobe | Self-Titled album
- - - - -
Adoration | Brenton Brown | n/a
Remain | Starfield | I Will Go album

This weekend's teaching focused around the idea of speaking truth.  It's so easy to convince ourselves that some lies are ok and it's sometimes acceptable to water down the truth.  But this isn't what we learn when we hear Jesus say "let your yes be yes and your no be no."  

This weekends songs all contain references to God's truth and nearly all of them actually use the word "truth" in their lyrics.  I thought it would be appropriate to unite our hearts and sing about God's truth in our lives.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Music Set | November 14/15

Here's the music set from November 14/15 at Constance Free Church:

The Time Has Come | Hillsong United | I Heart Revolution album
- - - - -
Everyone (Praises) | Desperation Band | Everyone Overcome album
We'll Make It Loud | Gateway Worship | Wake Up The World album
I'm Singing | Kari Jobe | Self-Titled album
- - - - -
All Because Of Jesus | Fee | We Shine album
Here I Am To Worship | Tim Hughes | Here I Am To Worship album
Pure | Gateway Worship | Living For You album

Today was a powerful day.  Pastor Sean McDowell stepped back into his role of occasional Teaching Pastor with a message that challenged us to examine the sexual temptations we face in life.  It's a topic that causes anxiety in many, but Sean was able to bring truths from God's word to life in a way that challenged us to pursue purity.  Personally, I was blessed by the notion that "Up There" came "down here" for you and me.  God gave so much for us and I want my life to be a reflection of His work in my life - without spot or blemish due to my own selfish desires.

Choosing music for this weekend was tricky (as you might imagine).  Nonetheless, it was still strategic.  I chose songs that spoke of God's power, mercy, grace, and redemption ("caught in the mercy fallout" from The Time Has Come, "I'm singing to the God who brings redemption" from I'm Singing, "because of Jesus I'm alive" from All Because Of Jesus).  I thought this was a good way for seekers and believers alike to understand that God loves us no matter what we've done.

The idea that "Up There" came "down here" for you and me was the reason that I chose Here I Am To Worship - a classic that never really seems to diminish in its ability to help us engage with God in worship.  In addition, the lyrics of the bridge were a good reminder for us that we will never fully understand the price that was paid when Christ took His place on the cross and bore the weight of our sin.

Finally, I chose Pure so that we could sing about the absolute pure love of God.  We will always fall short of the glory of God, particularly when it comes to matters of human temptation, but there is One who's love remains flawless and ultimately pure.  When our hearts are weak, we can run to Him and find comfort in the strength of His arms.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Concert For Christmas

Mark your calendars now for the Concert For Christmas at Constance Free Church - Friday, December 11 at 7:00 pm.  This free concert is an excellent way to celebrate with your family and friends this year!  The music teams of our church are hard at work creating a concert experience that will provide great Christmas music for people of all ages ...

The concert will feature all the music teams of our church - the Middle School, High School, and Latino Ministry bands as well as our adult worship band and praise choir.  There'll even be a special set of songs where all the children in the audience can join the adult choir on stage for a while.  It's going to be exciting so don't miss it!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Music Set | November 7/8

Here's the music set from November 7/8 at Constance Free Church:

My Passion | Planetshakers | Open Up The Gates album
- - - - -
Today Is The Day | Lincoln Brewster | Today Is The Day album
All Because Of Jesus | Fee | We Shine album
With One Voice | Dan Leverence & Joel Bowers | n/a
- - - - -
We Crown You | Fee | Hope Rising album
- - - - -
At The Cross | Hillsong | Mighty To Save EP
- - - - -
Eternal One | Robbie Seay Band | Give Yourself Away album

This weekend was part two of Pastor Randy's message on "Raising The Bar" and rethinking evangelism.  We learned more about what it means to be salt and light in this world and how we can continue to use the "Pray & Watch" principle with everyone in our lives.  It's true that our lives can be all about eternity all the time and I get excited to think about developing a lifestyle where we're constantly praying the 5-second prayer for everyone with whom we interact.  Yet again, I was reminded of God's power and ability to draw people to Himself.

Much like last week, I chose songs that allowed us the opportunity to proclaim God's power and strength - songs that ascribed the glory and honor that He's due.  

We also received communion this weekend and participated in a special benevolence offering that benefited Youth First Community Of Promise here in Anoka County.  It was a beautiful expression of worship as we talked about what it means to "proclaim" Jesus' death and resurrection until His return as we shared in communion together.  I'm also blessed by the generosity of our church in raising more than $4,500 for Youth First - many community leaders were amazed that we were able to provide this emergency funding and it stands as a testimony to our church's desire to do good works in our community.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Music Set | October 31/November 1

Here's the music set from October 31/November 1 at Constance Free Church:

A New Hallelujah  |  Michael W. Smith  |  A New Hallelujah cd
- - - - -
Freedom Is Here  |  Hillsong United  |  A_CROSS / / The Earth
All I See  |  Dan Leverence & Joel Bowers  |  n/a
Beautiful One  |  Tim Hughes  |  When Silence Falls cd
- - - - - 
We Crown You  |  Fee  |  Hope Rising cd
Cannons  |  Phil Wickham  |  Cannons cd

We began a new series this weekend and Pastor Randy introduced a concept called "Pray & Watch" to our church.  It's exciting to rethink "evangelism" and understand that we're powerless to "save" anyone.  God, in His Sovereignty, draws people to himself but uses us to accomplish His purposes here on earth.  This weekend, I chose songs that spoke about our life in Christ and God's power - I wanted our church to be joining together in proclaiming God's power and might, His holiness and greatness.  

As we're obedient to Him, He uses us ... so don't forget to "Pray & Watch."  Pray the simple, five-second prayer for everyone you know and ask God to use you to make a difference in His Kingdom.